Seeking Joy: Exploring Journeys Through Adoption

Why You Should Try Out Fostering Before Adoption

If you are hoping to adopt a child, don’t discredit the fulfillment that fostering can bring you as well. Fostering children before finding an adoptive placement can be rewarding and can prepare a family for what to expect when adopting. Here are four reasons why fostering a child before moving towards adoption can be a […]

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Three Ways To Approach Talking To A Grieving Family At A Funeral

Attending a funeral service is an opportunity to not only show your respect for the person who has passed away, but to also provide some comfort to the person’s surviving family members. Although it’s easy to pressure yourself to find the right things to say as you stand in line and get closer and closer […]

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Top Ten Tips For Plus Size Wedding Dresses

Shopping for a wedding dress serves as one of those iconic events that nearly every girl dreams about. If your fantasy is about to come true and you are beginning the search for that perfect dress, you may have some concerns if you are a plus size girl. You will be pleased to learn that […]

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Domestic Vs. International Adoption

Whether you’ve been trying unsuccessfully to have a baby of your own or you have a passion for unwanted children, adoption can be a great option for many families. There are essentially two options to adopting children that can make a huge difference in the process and the outcome. You can choose to adopt a […]

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Understanding Hague Accreditation: A Valuable Ally In The Adoption Process

If you are considering an international adoption, you may have noticed that the adoption agency that you are working with is now required to obtain Hague Accreditation in order to provide international adoption services. This federal law went into effect in 2014, but you may be wondering why it is important to you as a […]

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How To Arrange A Funeral

In the terrible event that someone close to you dies, you will probably have to deal with a lot of emotional stress, grief, and even a funeral. If you are responsible for arranging the funeral, then the experience can be even more traumatic. In order to facilitate the process and make it as easy as […]

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